Como Maalifushi Thursday January 11, 2018 Breakfast!

Now that I finally gave you the view of our villa, it’s time to explore Como Maalifushi.

Of course we need to start our day with a meal, so let’s head to Madi, the main restaurant. There is a Japanese Restaurant, Tai that is across from our villa. Madi, and the bar which also serves lunches is in the main section of the resort.

Here you can see the layout of the property. This map also doubles as the evacuation and emergency map. Although if a tsunami hits, heaven help you! Our villa is number 301, located on the jetty on the lower left. 301-312 are the smaller water villas. 313-320 have a slightly larger layout. 111-124 are the smallest beach villas, I am not sure if they are a little smaller than our unit or not. 201-209 are the larger beach villas, they face the interior of the atoll. Remember that our side faces the Indian Ocean. The big spenders stay in the 400 series. Please, may I see the day when I can get a group of friends to join me in unit 406 (which appears to delightful that they have two of the same unit and number. Heaven help the person who wanders into the wrong unit after a long evening imbibing!) It appears that 101-110 have the stinkiest views. It appears that these units don’t have the plunge pools and canopies. Now if you are going to spend all the money to fly out here, and spend the tremendous bill to stay here you might as well go whole hog and spring for the units with at least a plunge pool! Now that I look at the map a little better, units 101-110 may house some of the managers.

Ah Ha! I see Steve at breakfast looking at this cell phone. Now just last night at dinner he accused me of being on my cell phone too much, checking to see how many likes and new followers that I have!

Like Gili Lankanfushi breakfast was buffet also. Steve and I have become quite the prima donnas now regarding chocolate croissants. We prefer the flatter ones that Gili Lankanfushi had. Every day there would be a different type of donut. Steve tried a couple. I was good and showed extreme restraint by only trying a danish and one of the ever changing breakfast breads each day. Insert smiley face here!

Every day there would be a different fruit in the big bowl. The canisters on the right had dried cereal, nuts, apricots and other toppings. We had a difficult time interpreting the markings on the milk bottles. F was whole milk, and I think one dot means skim. I thought F was fat free, so it seems I have failed the breakfast interpretation test.

There was a big display of cut fruit. I missed the fruit chef from Gili and the ever changing lessons provided by playing the what kind of fruit is this ? game.

The cheese and meat display changed daily also.

For those who like yogurt in the morning, you have many choices.

The selection of juices rotated also, although there was always fresh orange juice.

I attempted to be really healthy the first morning and tried the green clean. It tasted just like you thought it would. However, it was surprisingly tasty! Not enough that we are going to buy a juice machine from Amazon when we get back home!

We started each morning of our stay here with a steaming cup of Cappuccino. Usually we would have two.

Still remembering the blueberry pancakes that I didn’t order on our way over when we flew on Qatar Airlines, I ordered the. blueberry pancakes. They were a little too heavy for my taste, but I give them an A+ for presentation!

I had actually requested one blueberry pancake, one scrambled egg , bacon and a rosti, but ended up with all of this food! Pancakes and a full English breakfast! I think that the chef only lets the plates come out of the kitchen a certain way. No half orders allowed!

I guess I didn’t care what Steve ate, and didn’t take a picture of it for you. Oh well! It seems that I also didn’t take any pictures of our first night’s dinner here. That’s because it was so dark out that the pictures didn’t come out.

Steve is sitting by the pool, thinking about his first day out fishing with his guide Craig. I’m busy taking different pool side camera shots. I think we ate breakfast every morning at that table or the one next to it.

Here you can see all the lounge beds by the beach. Spaced by twos, they were quite romantic. For large groups they would have six or eight in a row. Every day an attendant would put covers on the beds, and rolled towels facing just so.

If you wanted to you could sit in the interior of the restaurant. We preferred to sit outside. It never rained during a meal. There were ceiling fans under the thatched roofs. We just preferred to eat outside. There was rarely a bug to be seen.

More views of the pool.

It was time to kiss Steve good bye for his fishing excursion.. I bid him adieu and good luck. If he didn’t catch a fish this would be a very expensive attempt for him to continue his streak of a fish every month since March 2016!

Will he catch a fish? Will I explore and make new friends? Will I enjoy my canopy? Stay tuned my friends.

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  1. Looks like you and Steve are having a marvelous time while we enjoy negative temperatures!

  2. Finally figured out how to leave a comment ! Really enjoying the blog Linda . What a great job you are doing .

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