Goodbye Gili Lankanfushi, Hello Airport? Wednesday January 10, 2018

Well I seemed to have screwed up my days a little. Originally my last post said that it was Tuesday when it was actually Wednesday morning. I straightened that all up and we are now good to go.

The management team led by David Stepetic gave us a warm good bye from the dock. David had worked at a number of great resorts and runs a top notch organization. We were impressed with the beauty of Gili, the quality of the food, and the wonderful villas. To top it off there was the wonderful staff, whose aim was to please the guest. The fancy boat there is for people who wanted to go on a fancy boat ride.

As we were the only guests on the boat we got those great seats with a view of everything. We saw lots of boats on our way to Male, many of them were these big cargo ships. The Maldives has almost everything brought to it, which is why everything is so expensive. These cargo ships have their own cranes on them. Smaller ships come up to them, and cargo is unloaded on to them and then brought to port. Some of the workers never get to land, they can be on the boat for a year! Definitely not the life for me.

After about twenty minutes we reached the dock at the airport and are luggage was hoisted on to dry land. We were a little nervous about if we were going to be met at the airport by someone who would escort us to the proper area for our flight to Como Maalifushi.

Yay! We did have an escort who loaded our bags unto a cart and brought us into the terminal.

It was fun to look at all the ferries that were taking people to Male and to other islands. It appears that a bridge is being built linking the airport to the mainland.

Here is Steve posing in front of the Maldavian Sea Plane counter. Our passports were entered into the system and we waited. While Steve waited, have you ever seen him so relaxed in your life? Go to the Maldives, after only four nights and two massages you can look like this also!

While Steve waited, I explored. I love seeing different stuff that people ship. I actually stepped into the Phamacy that I had my picture taken in front of. I had to see if I could actually consider it a grocery store. You do remember that Steve fishes on trips, and I visit grocery stores don’t you? It was a hard call to make, they had a lot of water, baby wipes, and medicine but no regular food. I looked especially hard for cookies or crackers, but couldn’t fine any.Since it was a pharmacy it did have pills that one ingests. So I decided that it would count as a grocery store, although it was definitely not a supermarket.

After our papers were processed we entered a shuttle to another terminal where there was a Como Hotels Lounge. In this building there were lounges for all the resorts serviced by Maldavian Seaplames. Four Seaasons? You wait in this room. Como Maalifushi? You wait in this room. There was a problem in that one scheduled departure of 3:30 was not going to be met as there were mechanicals and only two planes were in operation. They told us that we would definitely make the last plane of the day that was scheduled to leave at 4:30. We waited and waited. I thought that I had taken a a few pictures of the lounge, but i can’t find them. They had coffee, soda, cookies, yummy brownies and potato chips. We were a little bit nervous to hear about the mechanical, but what were we going to do?

This is a view of the Seaplanes. Finally we were called, our flight was going to depart. By this time I think it was after 5:00.

Here we are patiently waiting for our flight. Steve looks a little worried, doesn’t he?

Down the gangplank and towards our plane. Maldavian SeaPlanes are known for their barefoot pilots. I bet that you did not know that.

The plane was pretty tiny. There was not much leg room.

We were given ear plugs.

As we were so close to the Equator I was trying to get a screen shot of 0 degree Latitude, but we were too far north. The Maldives is Just above the equator. Now look at that elevation reading. Did we make it to Como Maalifushi? Did we drown? No, of course not as you are reading the blog, but I thought this was an amusing way to end the post.

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