Gili Lankanfushi Sunday January 7, 2018 Lunch, some snorkeling and Dinner.

It’s about time I post a map of the resort. In a later posting I will give a little history of the Maldives.

We were staying in GVS30 which was off of Jetty 2. We had both sunrise and sunset views. The resort is very convenient to the airport, it was only about a 20 minute boat shuttle. I think if you wanted to take a shuttle in to Male you could, but why would you when you were surrounded by beautiful white beaches? The only draw back we could find at the resort, was that since we were near the airport you hear planes through out the day. It wasn’t offensive, but you knew you weren’t too far from civilization. This was high season, and one night we did hear the music from the resort across the way from us. It didn’t bother me, but Steve did have problems sleeping that night. We later found out the it was considered the Russian New year, and those oligarchs on vacation like to PARTY!

We went to the Over the Sea restaurant for lunch. We were given our cold towels, and then a juice shot. It was quite refreshing. Since Steve only drinks orange juice, I got to have both drinks. You can probably tell that this one was watermelon based.

For lunch we went to the salad bar. Having a green salad with a little egg and chunks of ham is always a delicious lunch. Steve had the salad bar also.

I actually had a drink at lunch. It was a Curaçao and Midori based drink. You know how I like my fruity Martinis, so I really enjoyed this!

We hung out at the pool for a bit after lunch and then…

We went snorkeling! Here I am in my full face snorkel mask. This is definitely the type of mask to get. You can breathe normally, and wear your contacts. I did get a little water in my mask, but that’s because I was so excited to snorkel that I didn’t adjust my mask properly. We learned about these masks from those people I hated in the Galapagos who were the cushion and table hogs. They were big scuba divers, and donned these masks when our boat trip stopped for snorkeling time. I had never snorkeled before and found it quite easy. We went right off our dock to explore the coral beds in our lagoon. We saw lots of pretty fish. No pictures as we didn’t bring an underwater camera or the GoPro. We also didn’t trust the water proof cell phone bags that came with the mask. You can get the masks from Amazon for about $79 each. The masks had a bright orange snorkel, so it was easy for me to see where Steve was when i lifted my head up and vice versa.

Here is another calming sunset form our Villa.

For dinner we went to the Japanese Restaurant. After more cooling towels and a juice shooter we were ready to enjoy our dinner. We started with salted Endame, they were so good!

This was the amuse bouche. Fresh seared tuna.

I had the tempura as part of the chefs tasting menu.

Steve had some beef that was quite rare and very good.

Then I had some fish, shrimp, and sushi. The fish on the bottom had rice underneath. I think that was called Nigori, usually the fish is raw, but they cooked it for me. It was very difficult to eat, I ended up using my fingers.

Steve ordered soup. He really loves soup, and would eat it at every meal if he could.

For my main I had some kind of meat pancake. It was very strange.

Steve’s main was fish. It was not strange and very tasty. I think it was on risotto. The little balls were caviar, that I got to eat, as Steve would rather the fish eggs grow up to be fish, and not caviar.

At every table there was a little Zen Garden to play with.

Here is Steve’s fine design.

These were the chopstick holders. Steve appropriately got the fish, and I got the star. Now how appropriate was that!

Dessert was another yummy chocolate treat. That plate was cleaned! Steve and I joked during dinner that we saved our selves a lot of money on this trip. I decided that I wasn’t crazy about Japanese food, and a trip to Japan (which was on our travel list) was probably not going to happen now. So we saved all that money we would have spent going to Japan!

I forgot to mention that Steve had a different glass of sake with each of his courses. Fabrice, the sommelier came over to give a detailed description of each type. My eyes glazed over during the first description, but Steve looked remarkably attentive throughout the evening. He might just be a better actor than I am!

I leave you with a little video of my dinner. No, it wasn’t live, but with the overhead fan it sure looked like I was eating something that was not quite dead yet!

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