Gili Lankanfushi, December 7, 2018 Wandering Around Property

Let’s wander about after breakfast, shall we? Although I think Steve looks like he has some doubts about this. Where will I ask him to pose for a picture next?

Well he managed to safely stay out of this one. This is the Main Restaurant. The breakfast displays were all under the canopy on the right. Tables were on the left. Even if you weren’t on seated closest to the water you still had a magnificent view!

Here is Steve demonstrating how to get your feet wet. He does a might fine job, doesn’t he? Speaking of mighty fine, check out the lounge area under the canopy! It has my name all over it! Now I hope you can recall the trouble at our hotel in the Galápagos Islands. There was only one really good table to sit at at dinner. Unfortunately two couples at our hotel camped out and didn’t share the table. One member of the group was assigned the duty of racing to the table (or front viewing cushions on the boat). They would plop down their gear and hog the table for the rest of the afternoon and onto evening. They would sit there after the cruise at 4, and then never vacate the table until 11 at night. They would sit there and chat, ordering a beer or two and then finally their dinner at eight. Steve and I who could eat dinner in an hour grew frustrated at his behavior. (Especially me-Steve doesn’t let it bother him. I stew, and wish evil diseases on them!) I think chair hogs are the worst!

So when I saw this lounge area I told Steve that I hoped to be able to sit there part of the stay. Would I? That’s story is for another blog post!

This is the view from the back of the pool. The palm trees had little wells around them and the pool had an infinity edge. Lounge chairs were placed between the pool and the beach. If you wanted lunch or a drink, the gentleman who operated the ice cream shack would have it delivered.

There were also hammocks, if you wanted to sit in them. To the left was a raised platform, if you wanted an even better tan because you were closer to the sun. (Not really, but that was such a fanciful idea I had to add it!)

This was the interior of the ice cream shack, here you could get ice cream bars, or dishes of several different flavors. No chocolate but they did have stracciatella-vanilla with chocolate shavings. You could also order lunch, and eat it poolside. Want a beer? No problem.

One last view of the pool and we are off to explore a little more!

Tennis anyone? There is a resident pro, who will give you lessons. That’s her in the white top and the orange skirt.

Plenty of bike parking available here!

This is the way to our villa. We were staying in number 30. There are 44 over water villas on property, Seven separate stand alone villas that were not connected to land via a jetty, and then the Residence. All you had to do was to call your Mr. or Ms. Friday and a shuttle boat would appear to take you wherever you wanted to go.

Here is Steve walking back to our villa.

Spaced evenly on the jetty, were these earthenware pots that held water.

The deck got really hot, and our American feet were not up to the task. I stopped in front of every pot and got my feet wet. wish I could tell you the name of the Nail Polish, but I forgot. I tease Steve all the time, about how wonderful my feet are. as I love the shape of my feet. They are nice and wide, I have great stability. It makes it difficult to find shoes that fit, but whatever!

This is a view of the gym and the Japanese Restaurant. It was just off our jetty.

This is a little video from our jetty. There were lots of fish to see. One day we saw a shark, and another day a sting ray.

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