Gili Lankanfushi, January 7, 2018 Breakfast

Good morning sleepy heads, its time to get up! This is the view from our deck. Since we are very close to the equator the days are about 12 hours long. Gili Lankanfushi has it’s own island time. One hour ahead of the time in Male. Many of the resorts do this also, so people can enjoy the sunrises and sunsets better.

Part of the breakfast display was in the wine cellar. Here you see a lovely spread of cheeses and cured meats. Having your own private dinner in the wine cellar was option also.

Fabrice, the sommelier offered wine and cheese tastings in the afternoons also. I believe there was a ~$75 up-charge for that.

Here are some of the beautiful chocolates under glass, in the wine cellar. I think there might have been a wine and chocolate tasting available each afternoon also. I am really surprised that I didn’t try to open the cases and sample a few of the treats, but I was too busy documenting for the blog!

Here is a display of all the different types of honey you could choose at breakfast.

Just like the Club level room at the Ritz in Santiago, Chile; there was a honey comb on display.

Here we have a display of all the different types of jam you might want to put on your toast or croissant.

Speaking of croissant’s, here is a display of all the fresh pastries. Nothing beats a chocolate croissant for breakfast in 80 degree weather. The inside is all warm and gooey, and the pastry flakes all over your clothes. Heaven!

This was our table, We had a beautiful view of the ocean, and we were in the shade, just delightful!

Every morning we had two cappuccino’s. Don’t they look pretty with the cocoa starfish on top?

I ordered scrambled eggs with toast for my breakfast. Eggs could be ordered in any style including Eggs Benedict.

Lots of choices available at the juice bar! There were also bottles of champagne if someone wanted to have Mimosa’s in the morning. On the rack there were little tinctures if you wanted to doctor up your drink. Not alcohol, but elixirs, to detox, invigorate, or cure any aches and pains that you might have. I drank my Orange juice straight up. Next visit I’ll have to walk on the wild side and try one of the elixir’s. It might make a new woman out of me!

Here is a close up of all the little bottles. I think there was a run on the Detoxifying Elixir!

All the dry cereals were in these coconut shells. The lighting was very bad, and it was difficult to read all the labels. You had to lift up every lid and check inside to find out what the cereal was! There was a little boy from England who had his father opening up every lid trying to locate the Froot Loops for him. Steve even ended up joining in on the search for the little boy’s favorite cereal.

Decisions, decisions, here is Steve trying to decide what to put on his plate.

You could have spring rolls, or this Maldavian dish that had lots of coconut in it.

There were bowls of fresh lettuces that were grown in the garden on property.

If you wanted soup at breakfast, you could have that also.

Every morning fresh cut up fruit was available. All you need to do was point and ask. I especially likes the dragon fruit, it was so pretty!

I had a lovely salad also. How could I resist the fresh greens straight from the garden?

Doesn’t this fruit look mouth watering? Believe me, it was!

I leave you with a picture of Steve contemplating absolutely nothing. It was zen her in Gili Lankfushi!

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