Gili Lankanfushi, Maldives January 6, 2018

After our 20 minutes speed boat ride we were welcomed to Gili Lankanfushi by a large number of staff.  I can’t remember all their names, or positions, but it was a lovely greeting.  We were handed really cold hand towels to wipe off the dust and sweat from our travels.  They have lots of hand towels around here, before every meal, while at the pool, before a boat ride, after a boat ride!  The housing options here are all overwater bungalows and freestanding overwater bungalow.  Some resorts offer beach villas to the mix.  Our reservation was for an overwater bungalow.  The freestanding overwater villas were even more expensive, and you need someone to bring you back and forth to the island where you could have meals in the restarurants, do spa activities, or sport.  EA094D13-D064-4EB7-9E51-4541BC841DA9This is what the overwatervillas look like. They are connected by a wooden pathway, just wide enough for two golf cars to pass by.  Just barely!  Our villa had an air conditioned bedroom. Some of the other villas had air conditioned living rooms and bedrooms.  We requested sunset views, and that is what we got.  We have sunrise views at our second house in Lake George, and sunset views in Poughkeepsie. I didn’t want the sun waking me up in the morning on vacation.

Every villa has Mr. or Ms. Friday on call to take them about on the golf cart, to make any reservations you want for dining, spa, or sport. Or to get you anything you might need. I had forgotten to pack the usb cable for my new ipad keyboard, and was panicking at not being able to write as much as I wanted to for my blog. Previously I had just used the ipad screen keyboard, and that really takes forever to type a post.  I asked, and the next, our Ms. Friday rescued me, by leaving me her own personal cable!

Our Ms. Friday is Shazu, I am terrible with names, but was able to remember this one.  I was afraid I would call her Shazam by accident, not so far no worries! 0D4058BE-212B-4832-829C-827CB457DFB0These are the villas that have the air conditioned living rooms, they are a bit larger than ours.  I think some of the free standing villas have more than two bedrooms.  There is a separate villa called “The Resdence”, it has many bedrooms, it’s own plunge pool, a slide into the ocean, and has two Mr. Friday’s to serve you! Future trips, if I can get friends to join us!

A7623BED-4CE7-47AE-A8E2-854BFBA13EE9Okay, let’s head down the walkway to our villa.  On the left is a little bench to sit on while you wait for your Mr. or Ms. Friday. Lightning rods are on each roof peak. There are bikes for each unit, or you can easily walk wherever you wanted to go. The island is quite small, with lots of signage, so it would be difficult to get lost. To the left of the picture will be the master bedroom, straight ahead is the living room and to the left is the bathroom suite.  03AC0DC7-0F78-4427-82B5-710E99334A66Shall we enter?  The little round ball on the right is a foot porcupine to wipe off the excess sand you might have on your feet.

A9FDA5BB-E5CC-4F87-8257-6DA10498F372Door’s open, let’s come on in! Uh, uh time for breakfast, will finish post later today!

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