Doha Airport Saturday January 6, 2018

I was really happy that I picked the seats on the right side of the plane as I got a terrific view of Doha.  I got to see some of those famous building, especially the curved one!2504C80E-53CF-493A-A459-9E772615A97DWe departed the plane and loaded a shuttle to the airport.  A family that was flying business class with us was whisked off the plane into private cars, no they weren’t in trouble, they were just VIP’s! After going through security bag check we reached the main terminal.  

2E4F77C4-830F-4B9F-9C97-ABE1CB7EC80BI had heard about this famous animal and asked Steve to take my picture.  Proof that I was at Doha Airport!

C31E3DFA-8CD4-4495-AAB8-148232DC0B0BYes, there were men in the white robes, just not as many as I expected.

There was some kind of car raffle, we passed.  I can’t imagine the tax and duties involved.  DD291ABF-FB55-4843-B4C4-D592FA25E018We didn’t buy anything at the jewelry store.  No time to browse, we were off to find our gate and then locate the famous two story Qatar Business Class Lounge.

7BA1E703-A9E6-40CC-9AED-48EDE2FE410EThe lounge was humongous.  There must have been about six coffee stations, numerous areas to sit, a room to order a light lunch (no charge!), a kids playroom, many chaises to take a nap on, and tons of newspapers to choose from.

E316B3CC-09D8-4247-9468-F0A67A4264AAThere was a beautiful water area, with dancing water jets (only a few seemed to be working!), a buffet upstairs for breakfast, a tremendous bar, cozy areas to sit in, and then a large number of staff to answer any question you might have.

493B2BA3-984C-4A4C-A8B1-59DFFA183908Finally it was time to board again.  This is a view of the front section of business.We were off to the right.  There were four bathrooms, to serve the 35 people in business class.

6DA38627-5EDC-4B6F-95CE-8ADB6EE46A02There was a beautiful vase of fresh roses on the credenza separating the two business class sections.  I touched them to see if they were real, they were!

A4C60AFE-114B-444C-8294-0A95C760852EBreakfast was French toast with carmelized bananas and fruit sauce.  Yummy. The flight from JFK to Doha, had pancakes with blueberry sauce, I am going to try that on the way back.

04AA9ACF-A3CF-4E4A-ABB0-C2FB0FD2A4D7The flight to Male was going to take about four hours.  I can’t seem to load anymore pictures so this is it for this post.

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