We are on our way to the Maldives!

After a fitful night sleeping we awoke at 4:15 ready to start our day. No coffee, we would get that at the airport. Our drive was uneventful and we made good time. The roads were clear, just a bit of blown snow in some areas. Check in was great, as we were flying business class we got the priority check in experience. We almost forgot to put our jackets in the checked bags, but got that taken care of before our bags were loaded onto the belt. The gentleman next to us checking in was going away for one month and had only one carry on bag. A true road warrior! I was going to talk to him about that, but decided I didn’t need to get into trouble by being too nosy right away.

We didn’t get priority TSA treatment, but the line was pretty short. We did have someone in front of us who had to get a bottle of hand lotion and conditioner thrown out into the garbage. I was wanded due to lumps on my thighs, no not saddle bags due to being overweight, but my support stocking seams. Don’t you wonder if a garter belt shows off on the scanners? Steve’s carry on bag had to be inspected. Seems my electric converters and Steve’s extra fly rod caused an issue.

We finally found our gate, and then went upstairs to the lounge. Qatar doesn’t have its own lounge at JFK, they share the British Airways Lounge. It’s very nice. There are two separate seating areas. A children’s area, with videos and toys to play with. I had to wait a while to take the picture as there was a staff member watching the cartoon!

There was a spa area that was not manned. No massage for us this morning! To the left is the shower area.

Of course, I inspected it for you! Although the door stated ‘Occupied”, I promise you it wasn’t! Now off to check out the Ladies Room.

Ladies room had everything you might need.

There was even a changing area, for the diaper set.

There was a well stocked self service bar area.

There was also a pub, for those that might prefer a cold beer at eight in the morning!On the left past the peaceful water fountain was the breakfast bar; oatmeal, cold cereal and various pastries were available. There was a nice machine for me to get a cappuccino. I ended up drinking two!

Here is Steve enjoying his breakfast. Next stop Doha! See you in at least 12 hours.

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