Truck ride with Donnie to Cherokee Sound.

After having problems posting pictures on my blog, I decided to go all out and get the professional version.  This way I can add all the pictures and video that I desire! Yay!

On our way to Cherokee Sound with Delphi I decided to record a little video of our guide Donnie.  Donnie wakes up everyday all excited about fishing. He is never grumpy and doesn’t get upset if you screw up unlike some of the guides that Steve has had.

Donnnie’s family has been living in Abaco for generations.  A number of Loyalists fled the Colonies during the American Revolution in 1783.  Steve thinks that Donnie speaks like a pirate!  What do you think?

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Author: lindalant

Lover of luxury travel. My husband and I are retired and are traveling meeting people and having excellent adventures. is my blog site.

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