Last Day at Delphi

Tuesday was our last day.  I’m not sure if I showed you pictures of the great room.  9A82BA98-9199-47BB-92FF-C58A73CD4B5FThis is the great room in the morning after the ladies have swabbed the floors.  There is a lot of cleaning going on here.  The weather is brutal on furniture and metal due to the constant sea air rotting everything.  The Christmas tree is all set up. My job was was to plug it in in the morning and unplug it at night.  No one else thought to do so, and since my Profession is Lifestyle Enhancement Coordinator, I took the job pro bono.  I also arranged to have the tree put in water.  Max, the manager thought that the tree would be fine nailed to some wood.  Then the staff was supposed to spray the branches with water.  I was horrified at this idea, and convinced staff resaw an inch off the bottom of the tree, place it in a bucket of water and replenish the water daily.  I am sorry I didn’t photograph the original tree setting, it was really hysterical.

Here you can see all the old fishing line that was used to keep the tree erect.  678FA8BB-E873-4033-A156-EFED582BA962After a last breakfast and lunch we headed to the airport.  Thats the guide board, noting the weather and which guests were with which guide.  Guerin was from France but lived in England.  It was so funny to hear him say English expressions with a French accent.  His son was with him and he spoke with quite the posh accent.  He attended the same school as Catherine and Pippa Middleton!  As expected I was quite excited about that tidbit.  The son had just gotten married, so there was quite the joking around about him leaving his wife for this vacation. She is a school teacher and couldn’t get the time off.

One of our credit cards give us access to airport clubs, I enquired and Yes, we were in! It was a nice place to rest and have a soda, and a piece of fruit.  C5FA1154-618C-4271-A353-7F0D041F3679Along with all the other bone fisherman we got in line and boarded our plane.  EF45550E-7F00-49FF-BACF-1BE138FED121These planes are very small, Steve calls them buzz boxes!AA055444-7A50-40EC-8B9A-2B4A33D54EC4Good bye Abaco until next year!

Our next adventure starts tomorrow!  We are heading to the Maldives for ten days.  We are hoping that Steve catches some fish for January, he needs to keep his streak going.  Plus we are having a blizzard in Poughkeepsie, and we both want to get out of town. I am not sure when I will be able to get internet to post.

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