Sunday December 3, 2017 Delphi Club

I haven’t shown you many pictures of breakfast at Delphi Club, and will correct that situation for you today.  DA2B8E7A-A8EF-4423-8CE0-95341DF093BD.jpegThere is always a sideboard filled with fresh fruit, yogurt, and cereal.  Tasty pastries are on the table already.  Sunday morning I had a delicious omelette. Seating at breakfast was usually on two schedules. Those that fished came to the table around seven, as they had to be ready to go fishing at 7:45 or 8.  Layabouts like myself got up around 8, after I got my good bye kiss from Steve and he was out the door.  No sense getting between him and a last minute frenzy for what he needed before he left for the day. No, sane one that I am, I waited in bed until the coast was clear. You could sit at the head table seat at breakfast unless MD from Ireland was there.  MD is everyones “I want to be just like her” when I grow up.  She is 85, and a widow.  So if you are age appropriate and love to fish, I might arrange a blind date for you.  She always sits at the head of the table at breakfast. On the white board is listed the guides and the guests assigned  This picture is from Tuesday our last day, so Steve is not listed.

Delphi Lodge is up on a cliff, and it has a terrific view of the water. Unfortunately being up so high means a walk done to the beach, and then a walk up.  B154E1F9-8D32-48D0-A268-AA130C588129I decided to go for a stroll on the beach at low tide, so I could further document.  There are some chairs that no one ever seems to sit on and also some boogie boards and sea kayaks. DA1EACC6-6B5C-40B0-97F1-7B02F984A423.jpeg The sand is beautiful, and at low tide a pleasure to walk on.  At high tide, all I can do is think of Navy Seals in training who have to run with packs on in pounding surf during training. I think I would last two milliseconds.  Good thing I am too old, and female.

The beach is shared by one neighbor. They commute every day to Marsh Harbour and then take a ferry.  It about an hour each way. they have a Robinson Crusoe theme by their beach entrance. I think they had a party, and just never cleaned up the decorations! 8F761ECB-231A-4249-9277-7E89500EFD4CThey manage home rentals on one of the other islands.  I go crazy as the road is pretty straight and awfully boring.  Every once in a while there is a dangerous curve as there are so few curves, the drivers could get into a trance while driving.

I walked all the way to the left as far a I could go.  The beach gets filled with limestone and you cant go any further. The only foot prints I saw where my own until I came to DC and SE.  You remember DC and SE.  They were hanging by the pool on one of my prior posts and SE came with me to Marsh Harbour. They were good sports and did some posing for me.  Hold Hands, Looking at each other all Lovey Dovey, and then Smooch Time!

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