Sunday December 3, 2017 Lunch at Nancy’s and Dinner at Delphi Club

Peter had decided that today we would have a group outing and head to Sandy Point and have lunch at Nancy’s. I was a little nervous about this, as I don’t always like an adventure. Delphi Club is in a very remote area and it takes forever to get anyplace. You first have to leave the property on a very bumpy limestone road, that takes about ten minutes-really only five but you go very slow. Then we are onto the main road, that is paved and very straight. Every once in awhile there is a curve to either wake the driver up or kill them because they have fallen asleep.

Nancy’s is in Sandy Point, the very southern most part of the island. I think there is a church there, a small store, many houses and Nancy’s. I looked up Nancy’s on Yelp, and it seemed okay. There would be shade, something that I require. It looked like we were going to sit at picnic tables, something I am not fond of, but I decided to be a good sport. Peter and Jane would be going as well as the lovebirds, S and D.

7BA92F77-13A1-434D-A42A-1DF47D5F29C7You might say that Nancy’s was a dive. But it was a happy dive.  The waitress inside did seem to give Peter and DC the crazy eye about someone ordering an ice tea, but I got what I wanted.

07C677CA-0C06-4772-B585-47BFDE5EAC94Jane wanted a fruit flavored Kalik, the local beer. It looked sickly sweet.

6B47202E-5892-4069-A3FD-63BE1F6616B6However, as I prefer fruity martinis I shouldn’t talk or write as the case might be. All the rest had beers.

We found a nice spot to sit under the shade. It looked like in the evening they would have a bar and lots of action.  D6A021B8-A190-4239-9B94-3C40CE3CB915

Food was some serious slop action. Peter and I had barbecue chicken that was served with beans and rice, coleslaw and baked macaroni and cheese squares. The others had the lobster rice combo with beans and rice, coleslaw, macaroni and cheese. Peter kept calling the beans and rice peas and rice.  I am not sure he really knows the difference between peas and beans.

B2E6C05C-7ADB-4AC1-85CD-878A94569954We took some pictures of the beach. In the distance you are supposed to see the big Disney cruise liner at Castaway Cay, in reality Gorda Cay.  When anchored there, the ship seems to dwarf the island.  Steve was off fishing somewhere near there, buzzed by jet ski’s.  One time, a Disney cruiser could be heard to say “Is that a real fisherman out there?”

Here is our group picture. It was quite difficult to get us all in the picture.  Peter actually has anothe quite handsome eye.7C0C5004-7500-408D-92FF-0236A6C88C13

Far in the distance is Gordon Cay or Castatway Cay for the Disney Cruise ship crowd.  this is where Steve was going to be fishing for the day.2427D78A-5C36-4DA9-BF22-FD5BB8EF4CA6Peter and Jane posed for me, I am not exactly sure how to describe this except as “Action Man” and wife.

19EA1811-D726-414E-9723-64F070D6DCF9We returned back to Delphi Club to relax and wait for Steve to bring us back tales of his angling exploits.  Dinner was canapes, butternut squash angliotti, fish for Steve, Roast Breast of Duck for me and then Tiramisu for dessert.

EEB33BE0-396D-4BC3-B0FD-6A7CE9795484873A2D88-10E7-4A88-8881-4CAFC391B7E1We had another nice moon rise.


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