Saturday December 2, 2017 Delphi Lodge continued

IMG_7291 copy 2I left you wondering what was going to happen with our onland boat accident. Would we fish? Of course we would attempt it!  After all, Donnie had no worries, it was not his trailer that had a malfunction!  Donnie and Steve would be able to hand launch the boat, and I would be able to document. The trailer would be left at the launch site and some how Max would have to figure out how to get the trailer fixed. As Max was out fishing with Pablo the unsexy non polo playingArgentinian, Max was not called right away.  Pablo was an agent who wanted to include Delphi to his stable of either wing shooting or fishing properties he left copies of his flashy brochures at the lodge. Pablo’s smiling visage  was on every other page. The alternate page had the slogan”you should be next!”, on it.  Being a non hunter, I thought the pictures of hundreds of dead birds, surrounded by a shot gun casings a bit much.

Steve and Donnie successfully launched the boat and I climbed in. boat in waterThe  boat was clean and pretty comfortable. Seats were of a bucket type, with nice cushioning. Donnie sat behind us and motored the boat. He had a tower that he would climb up on and push the boat with a long pole to move short distances. 292BA562-D4E5-4AC6-8017-D8AF72927F25He would clamber down when we were done with the fishing spot. Upon arriving a locations where Donnie thought a fish would be, Steve would be up on the slightly raised front deck. There was a metal bar to prevent accidental falls into the boat, or it could act as a place to rest and hold on while Donnie poled. This front deck was where Steve would “take his shot” (cast his fly line out and attract the fish).19F84C85-568C-4BFC-BB54-AF96015CADED.jpeg

We didn’t have too much action that day, Cherokee Sound is a place to see wildlife, not fish.  There was lots of mangrove, and if the hooked fish headed in that direction there was a good chance you would lose the fish. Losing a fish would happen also when the line ran across the limestone that was everywhere. So between few fish in the sound and lots of mangrove, Steve was able to only catch two fish for the morning.

We did get a chance to see several large starfish.  They were a pretty orange and much larger than I expected them to be.

I  bundled up in my buff, looking cute as could be!

On the way back Steve asked Donnie to show me a blue hole.  These are large marine caverns. Peering over the side of the boat to look at it gave me the willies!

Donnie left us off at the launch site and Steve got a chance to drive the truck. Donnie was going to leave the boat at his friends dock. Steve has been salivating at pictures of trucks, but he really doesn’t want one. He really has no need for one, as we don’t haul anything.

Back to the lodge for the afternoon, a nice moon rise and another great dinner.  We had more great canapés, watermelon feta salad, lobster two ways for me and roast pork for Steve. Dessert was a brownie with ice cream and raspberry sauce. Yum!

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