Saturday December 2, 2017 at The Delphi Club Abaco

After numerous years of hanging out at the Club, reading, relaxing, observing and interrogating the guests Peter and Steve convinced me to go for a half day fishing. Now I wasn’t going to actually fish, but I would be reading and relaxing. No interrogating the guides, as they had business to do spotting Bonefish.

At dinner the prior night I had asked if there were any Buffs, stretchy fabric face masks to block the sun. The sun is pretty strong here, and I didn’t want a sun burn or even more age spots. I’m not allowed to get Botox, Juviderm or other plumpers or fillers, via direct order of Steve. The dear man loves me just the way I am. ❤️

1D3FC477-CDF2-45B5-8599-C407BD17BE43I enjoyed wearing one in The Galapagos and in Kenya, and was looking forward to having my own. Steve went up to the gift shop and brought me down what he thought was a buff.Here is a view of the gift shop from the communal dinner table.

Now is a good time to discuss the Dinner Scene at The Delphi Club. The Club has eight rooms, and at two people per room there can usually be a maximum of sixteen guests. Dinner is at a communal table, sometimes it is just guests at the Club, other times people from the community or second homes join us. The head of the table is reserved for the angler who has caught the largest fish, once in a while someone who has caught their first Bonefish. If you get the honor of catching the biggest fish three days in a row, you don’t admit it as the rule is you are tossed in the pool after dinner. So if it looks like Steve will be head of the table on the third night in a row, he will come up with other factors that will cause his fish to actually weigh less comparatively to another angler! The dinner conversation is always quite spirited. Political issues are always debated. As there is generally a mix of guests from Europe, Scotland, Ireland, the England, and America, all sorts of view points are expressed and the conversation can be quite heated!

Down the steps Steve came brining what he thought was a Buff. We all had a good laugh when I looked at it and told him they were gloves instead! A real buff was finally obtained and I proudly modeled my buff, adjusting my top to maximize the chest cleavage. I was trying to channel a Mata Hari terroist! Enough about politics and cleavage, you do want to hear about my adventure don’t you? After breakfast Steve and I were met by Donnie.  Here is Donnie and the boat we would be going off in.  It’s important to the story that you see it on the trailer in one piece! 🤔6C74FCF8-B0F5-44A3-B20F-0A09AEFAE231.jpegSteve always enjoys fishing with Donnie and often described him as talking like a pirate.  Off we went to a place called Cherokee Sound.  This was known as a very pretty place to fish.  It was not a productive area, like The Marls, but I was sure to see wildlife.  We drove to Cherokee without any problems and just when Donnie cranked the wheel to back up the boat we heard the dreaded “thump”. We had the dreaded land boat accident!  3B1D1362-866D-4B3E-9FA8-3DEE8DF1E386.jpegMore in the next installment!

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