Delphi Club, Thursday November 30, 2017

After breakfast I was treated to a beautiful rainbow. What a beauty! After breakfast I lost my balance and slipped on some stairs and I got a lovely scrape on my arm, it should turn really blue over the weekend! One of the guests is a nurse and she assured me that I would not die of internal bleeding! Im on a blood thinner so I was a bit worried, but as I’m still posting, I’m still alive! I stared to feel better by lunch time if Course, and enjoyed another lovely Caesar salad. Unlike Wednesday I skipped the French fries. This is the magnificent view from the balcony of the beach below. It is really that deserted. There are two buildings that share the beach,Delphi Club and the home of the next door neighbors who take a ferry to another island (or cay) and work all day. Steve came back to show me lovely pictures of Tony and fish that Steve caught. He caught 17 again for the day. He sure is in a rut! Here are the appetizers that we had, Tuna poke on a sesame crisp and then Lionfish Tempura with pickled ginger. That ginger really added a nice “pop” to the dish!

We had a great salad with fresh peaches. As Steve doesn’t like fruit I was able to scarf down his and my peaches! I had the spaghetti vongole, and Steve had the roast veal. I’m trying to watch my calories and limiting myself to fewer prevdinner snackies and half of my entrees. Finishing the strawberry and hisbiscus jelly didn’t help the waistline, but I still ate it all. In case you were wondering, the dessert recommendation was a Chateau Rieussec at only $150 per bottle. No one ordered that tonight either! See you tomorrow for more Adventures!

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