Delphi Club, Wednesday November 29, 2017

Steve went off for a day of fishing while I stayed at the Club reading, following ny Twitter feed to stay on top of the news and lounged about.  Previous years I hung out around the pool, but there are too many sand fleas that like to chew on my body, even though I spray myself with bug repellant.  E80E11F9-7A8B-4395-98A8-C1806CA317D4.jpegThis is a view of the gorgeous infinity pool, where some guests from the UK who do not attract bugs are lounging.  F38BE0C5-5AEA-4217-AC74-6B1E2ADB977BIf I sit at the pool my view is usually here.  At one point trees were removed to give an ocean view, but the wind was too fierce.  Now you get a sliver view and the pounding of the surge below.  61C5608A-FFB5-455F-BD06-E1F6FA95EEC0.jpegWhile Steve was out fishing enjoying his box lunch, I enjoyed a chicken Cesear salad and a trio of ice creams for dessert.  I think they were vanilla, cappuccino and butter pecan.  8790B6CB-B4FF-48E4-86EE-3610FE16D05E.jpegTo walk off some of the calories, I did take a short walk, but not to the beach. I walked along the Club roadway, until,I got spooked by some rustling in the bushes.  There are wild pigs on the island and I wasn’t sure how I would protect myself if a wild boar with humongous tusks decided to attack me!  Steve told me that he had seen some piglets in the road on his way to the fishing site, and that the rustling in the bushes were the pigs running away from me!  1F7DFAED-613F-47CA-A873-A96E98C210C4.jpegHere is Steve’s guide and one of the beautiful bonefish that Steve caught.  He ended up catching 17 for the day.  Let’s see if he continues to do well all week.  Remember December is the important month, he has to catch a fish between Friday to Tuesday! A0FEEB4E-B8B6-49AD-883B-88AD7DD03102.jpeg Cocktail treats were hummus on pita and fried calamari.  ADF6AC74-C25F-439A-805B-2B369E543323.jpegThen we had a delicious black bean soup.  I had the beef tenderloin for my entree and Steve had the hog fish.  Why that fish has such a horrible name I will never know!  4C7806C0-C5E4-4967-A2DF-9821A77E99F6.jpegDessert was a gingerbread auflauf.  Now I took German in high school and college and never heard of that word before.  However as I am not a trained chef, I’ll let it go.  By the way, no one at the table ordered the suggested wine at $150 a bottle!  After tea, candies and much enrertaining conversations we wandered downstairs to our room.  Thursday was going to be another exciting day fishing for Steve and lounging for me!

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