A trip to Delphi Club, Abaco. November 28, 2017

As Steve needed to continue his streak since March if 2016, of a fish a month, we booked a trip to The Delphi Club in Abaco, in The Bahamas. It’s always a great trip to Delphi as the accommodations, cuisine and guests are top notch. Many guests are returnees, so it’s always fun to see who will be there that we enjoy seeing. There is one guest who Steve prefers not to see, we were lucky that it was a Mr. Blank free trip!

We decided to travel out of White Plains airport, and got an early morning pickup of 5:45. I’m not an early riser, so the night before I took my Ambien at 7 pm, hoping I would fall asleep by nine, and sleep through the night. It was successful, and I woke up alert, and in a good mood at 5!

At the airport, we saw this young man waiting to board our flight to Fort Lauderdale. I got quite a kick out of his sweatshirt! We had no problems with our flight, and purchasing the extended leg room, made the flight twitch free for me.  We had a three and a half layover scheduled in FLL.  Happily, unlike last year when our flight was delayed on the tarmac and we missed the flight to Marsh Harbour and booked a room at a flea bag nightmare of a Days Inn (which we paid for but didn’t stay in!) all worked out well.  We decided to have lunch at Shula Burger, a sit down fast food restaurant near our gate.  Here are pictures of our lunch, Chicken Caesar salad for me, and a mushroom Swiss burger for Steve ( 4/10, slightly stale bun and over cooked).B2FF43E7-9F67-46C8-B939-CB916AD4D7FF

Author: lindalant

Lover of luxury travel. My husband and I are retired and are traveling meeting people and having excellent adventures. LindasExcellentAdventures.com is my blog site.

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