A visit to a Maasai  Village in Amboseli Park, Kenya. July 21, 2017

After breakfast we drove to a Maasai Village in the park.  You can see the school in the background.  Some of the older school children were playing soccer.  You can bet that Collin wanted to join in!  

​Amboselli comes from the Maasai word “empusel” the grey layer of volcanic ash from Mt. Kilimanjaro.  It was really windy in Amboseli, when I come back next time I’m bringing clear contractor glasses.  ​

​Here is the welcoming committee from the village.  There was a charge of $20 per person to visit.  Most of the males of the village were with the cattle that graze in the park.  They all had shaved heads.  Steve was given a staff and joined the group.  ​

This gentleman was the don of the chief.  He was the guide to the village.  These shoes are the traditional sandals worn by the Maasai.  They are made from either leather or tires.  We enter through the gate.  The fences are woven from the Acacia trees.  No one gets in except through the gate!  Women make the fences and the huts.  The stucco on the sides of the buildings are made from dung and mud.  Inside the compound, also called Manyatta, is a central pen for the cattle, and one for the goats.  ​

Would you like to see how the Maasai build a fire?  Of course you would!  ​ Here is a great profile of Steve bedecked in his Maasai beads and the staff that was lent to him.  Would you like to see the inside of one of the  huts?  Of course you’d like to see this too!  Watch your head!  Oops!  Looks like I ran out of space and need to make this at least a two parter!

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