Tortilis in Amboseli . July 20, 2017

We arrived at Tortilis shortly after noon. This is the entrance to the reception and dining areas. Reception area to the left, gift shop on the right. In the background was a small water garden before you got to the dining pavilion. The gift shop had a beautiful fleece jacket that I coveted. It had a gorgeous cheetah pattern. It would have looked great, but it really didn’t go with much so I didn’t buy it.  Plus, we were worried about weight limits. There was only do much I could wear on the plane!  Stucco walls, thatched roofs, welcoming places to sit while you waited for the rest of your group to gather. This was the bar area.  People would gather here before lunch, dinner or sit and relax before a game drive. I was taking a lot of medication so I didn’t get a chance to try a fruity martini. All alcoholic beverages were included, except for French champagne!This was the view from the bar.  There was a small watering hole below and you could watch the animals come to drink. We saw primarily Masai Giraffes, baboons,  vervet monkeys, and some small antelope.  You know that I perched on every chair trying to maximize view with comfort!  There were picture books also, if you got tired of the view.We enjoyed a lovely buffet lunch. Here are Collin, Sally and Steve checking out what the chef had to offer. After a delightful lunch we proceeded to check out where we would be spending the next two nights. Down the hill just pass the terrace, where you might want to sit for a bit before you headed further down or back up the hill.  This was our tent.  There were about 12 tents, the lodge was not fully booked when we were there. The sides all zippered in, we weren’t bothered by any bugs.  We were told to keep the tent zipped when we weren’t in, the baboons and monkeys loved to steal stuff!  Steve took a snooze on the day bed one afternoon.Come on inside!  Our room had a king size bed, table with chair, a headboard with shelves on the rear to store clothes.  We had a bathroom with double sinks, toilet and a lovely shower behind Steve. There was plenty of room to store our 33 pounds of gear! Each tent had its own solar hot water heater.  As long as you took your shower in the late afternoon and not early morning you had a great shower!  We were told to lower the flaps at night as it would get cold.  As we like it cooler we kept the flaps up at night after the first night. There was a lovely pool area.  The water was too cool for me, but Steve was brave  enough to go deeper than his ankles.  The water was clean, the dark just designated the really shallow area.  After a short rest we ascended the hill to meet Collin, Sally and Francis our driver to go on a game drive. Next trip report-animals! 

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