David Sheldrick Wildlife Trusts’ Orphans Project July 19, 2017

Back to the blog.  We are now at an elephant orphanage in Nairobi. The orphanage is in Nairobi National Park, a humongous park that has many animals in it.  This section of the park is home of orphaned elephants, and a Blind rhino. They had a hippo, but he died.  Here is the gang waiting for our entrance to see what is going to happen. As always I was resting in the shade on a rock. We really had no clue what to expect here.We saw many pens with gigantic baby bottles. We thought that maybe we would be feeding baby elephants with these big bottles. That would be fun! We all lined up on one side of the path.  The gentleman is instructing us to stay to the side, and not lean into the path, as the elephants would be coming soon. Collin is ready to take pictures. ​

Here they come!  Stay out of the way, those big feet will do a number on a pedicure!  All the elephants had gotten into their pens and it was time to explore. Pumba, decided to rest and we let him be. This rhino is blind, he will stay in the sanctuary all his life as he is unable to live in the wild. He is unable to protect himself from predators.  On a happier note we were then able to visit the elephants. You can see how flexible their trunks are.  They scoop up the food and then shove it in their mouths. This guy is just starting to grow tusks. Elephants in the wild have a life expectancy of almost 70 years. The elephants were quite friendly and enjoyed sliming the guests.  ​Let’s hope the rumors of laundry at the safari camps would be true! 

​Sally fell in love with Ndotto. Who wouldn’t?  He had fun playing low five and high five with her. As part of our trip it was arranged that we could adopt an elephant for the year.  The donation subsidized the orphanage, and we would get newsletters and updates about the elephant chosen. Sadly, I don’t think the rhino was chosen by many people. Why would they, when there were so many cute elephants to choose from?  The baby elephants stay in the orphanage for about ten years until they are able to be released into one of the wildlife parks or conservatories. Many of the babies come because their Mama’s were put poached.  You can read about the trust here.  www.sheldrickwildlifetrust.orgThen it was back to The House of Waine for dinner.  Another couple was ushered into the dining room before us, which of course got me wondering,  and then we were escorted into a special room for just the four of us!  We had a lovely dinner, of which I can’t remember what we ate, but here are the pictures to prove we did receive substanance!  We were very tired at this point and eager to return to our rooms, but there was more!A bottle of champagne and a congratulatory cake for Sally!  Then after we all got a slice it was back to the rooms. Sally and Collin had their bed all decoratively arranged with towel animals, we got nothing, but it wasn’t our celebration but hers after All!  

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