July 19, 2017 End of Kazuri and on to Giraffes! 

We leave the bead factory with a song in our hearts and the prayers of the workers. This is the gift shop where you could search for the perfect earrings, bracelets or necklaces to bring back home. I picked out two necklaces with matching bracelets. We were told we had a 15 kg or 33 pound weight limit on our flights with in Kenya.  As the jewelry was heavy I was planning on filling my pockets with them and not risking my luggage being too heavy!  Then it was off to the Giraffe Centre.  Here they are raising Rothschild Giraffes.  There are only 1600 world wide. 400 are located in Kenya, and 500 in captivity and active breeding centers worldwide.

We are all quite excited when we found out we would be able to hand feed the Giraffes!  We were to each get a maximum of two handfuls of pellets. We actually only got one each but one was enough. Rothschild Giraffes have the white stockings. We will see three types of Giraffes on our trip.  Rothschild, Reticulated, and Masai. Here is Steve giving it a go. The Giraffe we were feeding was named EdD.  He was six years old. He wS kept to breed as were a few others.The young Giraffes were released at the age of three to other parks where they could live on their own. They were large enough to fight back against predators, but could forget being fed by humans. I was next.  Lookat those Giraffe eyelashes!  In the background is Giraffe Manor. Many people designed their safari so they could stay here. Rooms on the second floor had windows that opened wide to let the Giraffes eat their morning breakfast from trays inside the room!  Had we stayed there Sally might never have wanted to leave!  Here is Sally kissing a Giraffe!  The rules were to feed the Giraffes one pellet at a time. If you wanted a kiss you would put a pellet between your lips. I don’t even allow dog kisses so I wasn’t going to try this!  I was laughing so hard I almost dropped the phone.Here is Collin feeding EdD.  Collin got a lot of conversations going with his football (soccer) shirts. All the guides we met had different favorite teams.Lots of selfie taking here!  Here EdD is telling me “Chin down Dear, it slims the face.” Talk about being photobombed!  Here are Sally and Collin with a Giraffe leg. They are heavy.

Sally is demonstrating how the jaw of a Pumba, or warthog open and close. She was a good sport to do this.  Steve was so happy to not be the designated demonstrator! A fully clothed Pumba!  They are ugly and quite stupid animals. In fact a Pumba in Swahili means stupid!  One last family portrait of EdD before we go. I’m not sure how that soup picture got in there. I’m afraid to take it out and accidentally delete my post. Next post the Eleohant sanctuary!  

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