Karen Blixen’s House Part 2

Let’s enter the house now. IMG_5105.JPGThis is Francis our driver attentively listening to our tour guide. We are in the living room and you can see the fireplace in the background. Karen would create stories for her guests based on the images on the folding screen. In the movie Denis, played by Robert Redford,  would give her goo goo eyes and dream of making love to her.IMG_5106 Here we have the famous record player.  IMG_5107Here is the bed where all the action happened!  Accordingly to museum guide Karen also spent a lot of time on the day bed as she suffered from syphiliis. In the movie the Baron was the foooler arounder, but we were told that she strayed first.IMG_5109 Here s the bathroom. Originally there were doors to the outside where the house boys would enter and remove the contents from the commode. IMG_5111 This is a picture of her good friend, Berkeley  They did a great job of casting him in the movie. Robert Redford was handsome but the real Denis Finch Hatton was not an American! Denis was horribly miscast! IMG_5108.JPG  These boots were in the closet of the Baron. I thought they were worn by Robert Redford in the movie, and was looking to see how high the heels were! In fact, they were actually worn by Meryl Streep!

IMG_0153Here is a picture of Karen Blixen’s. It was a special favorite of hers. I thought I did a brilliant imitation. I think I just needed a touch less pop of lipstick and more brown eyeshadow!


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