A trip to Karen Blixen’s house. July 19, 2017 Part 1

We met up with Collin and Sally for lunch in the dining room at the hotel. Our starter was sautéed mushrooms on toast. A little too much mustard for my taste, to me everything has either too much mustard or black pepper!  Then for our entree Steve and I had the snapper, which we were surprised to find was fried.      We climbed into our Land Cruiser driven by our guide Francis.  The part of town we were in was called Karen, named after Karen Blixen, the author who wrote Out of Africa. This whole area is where her farm once was.   This is considered a very ritzy part of town, many VIP’s live in the area.  There was lots of signs for security firms on all the fences surrounding the properties.  Many of the homes had elaborate gates.  Our hotel had a double set of gates and guards!  Her farm was 6000 acres.  Originally the Baron and her were supposed to raise dairy cattle.  He did a switcheroonie and insisted that they grow coffee instead.  Unfortunately, the soil was too acidic for coffee to grow well.  They should have stuck to dairy farming. We got a tour of the house and the grounds. Here are pieces of equipment that were used on the farm to haul the coffee.  Okay or “Sawa sawa” in Swahili, let’s follow the gang and enter the house.  However you are going to have to wait as I am off for a game drive!  

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