House of Waine

We arrived in Nairobi just before ten and Irene who to guide us through immigration. As we had purchased our visas ahead of time it was smooth sailing. Irene introduced us to Ilene who helped us gather our luggage. Then it was off to meet John and Francis our driver.
It was chaos outside the airport with many people holding signs for their pickups. It was nice to have been met inside the airport by the ladies in their neon vests. Irene had our passport picture on file, so it was easy for her to identify us.
Then it was a thirty minute drive to our inn. We were told that security was quite tight in Nairobi. On the way out of the airport there was a soldier with a machine gun, Sally slapped my hand before I took a picture. Wise move of hers, dumb move of mine.
Drivers are crazy here, as our waiter here said “Don’t walk the roads, as they are narrow and everyone is competing for the same space!”
We were told that on the way to the airport, everyone has to get out of their car, interviewed, and even the undercarriage if the vehicle is searched with mirrors on selfie sticks!
Our hotel is located in the area of Nairobi called Karen, its the nicest area of Nairobi. It was named after Karen Blixen who wrote Out of Africa.
After passing through double gates we received a lovely fruit punch and registered for our stay. Steve thought it too sweet. I thought adding a dash of vodka would make it perfect!
We had a lovely suite overlooking the gardens. It was originally assigned to Sally and Collin, but I was mean and switched. Ever so agreeable Sally didn’t care. Steve scolded me as it is Sally’s special trip.
Steve and Sally ate dinner, I stayed in the room and did postings. Ten thirty Dinner is too late for me! We stayed up a little longer, 1:30 local time but 6:30 east coast time.

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