More Sanitago! January

January 6, 2017

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We walked through a beautiful open air market.

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Orange juice freshly squeezed before your eyes.

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A chapel in the Cathedral in Santiago. John Paul II prayed here for peace.

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Outside one of the government buildings a protest was held by some of the indigenous peoples.

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The women wore no tops, they were smeared with what looked like mud.

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The man was wearing an outfit that looked like an animal.

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This is a building in a building. There were a number of pop up craft sellers.

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Our guide Juan Pablo explained how bridges and buildings were made with clay, eggs and water.

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We tried a local favorite. It had peaches, some kind of tea and grain.

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The cart and the seller making out treat.

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It was sweet but very tasty. I hope I don’t get sick!

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We took a drive up one of the highest peaks in Santiago. It was very smoggy.

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Best times for views are in August when it rains.

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There were flamingos being fed by a young girl.

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The carp were so big they looked like hogs!
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This is the ritzy section of Santiago. There were lots of swans but I guess I didn’t take any pictures with my iPhone.
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Lunch at the Ritz Carlton. It feels good to rest and get out of the sun. The picture below is our view at lunch.

View from our hotel room at the Ritz-Carlton!

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